Brand Strategy

At HARC, we view great branding as a strategic combination of art and science – it requires professional rigor and creativity in the service of organizational growth.

Areas of Focus

A strong brand is one that’s owned and embraced by the entire organization, not just the marketing department. At its core is a differentiating, relevant and credible brand promise and a commitment to deliver it consistently, in perpetuity. It is not a “campaign,” but a sustainable, discernable perspective, process and culture that informs everything the organization does.

Brand Research & Discovery

Compelling insight must be grounded in solid information. Our work begins with gaining a deep understanding of our clients’ culture, category, customers and competitive set. This often requires market research, starting with a clear understanding of what we seek to learn and from whom. We then employ, as appropriate, a full gamut of analytic tools, recommending the optimal mix of qualitative, quantitative and/or experiential methods needed to reveal applicable customer needs, wants and insights.

Brand Positioning

At the heart of every great brand is a clear, persuasive idea. Our industry has proliferated innumerable buzz words to describe this central concept (“Brand Driver,” “Brand DNA,” “Brand Platform,” “Brand Narrative,” “Brand Strategy,” etc.), but all are focused on the same thing: succinctly defining the essence of the brand. Just as there are multiple terms for this, so are there many ways to divine it (and we’ve seen them all). At HARC we therefore tailor our process based on our clients’ culture and the specific parameters of each project (eg. timing, resources, accessibility, etc.). The solution can be gleaned through workshops, creative prompts, written recommendations or some combination of all, but one constant remains: the answer must be based on collaborative effort, guided by experienced, informed insight.

Brand Naming & Nomenclature

Not every branding project requires a naming solution but every successful naming initiative requires a clear brand position. Brand naming, whether creating corporate or product names, divisional nomenclature, descriptors or resonant brand lines, is one of the most challenging specialty services in branding and is not a task for corporate contests, senior team workshops or the back of a napkin. We bring years of experience and professional resources to bear on every naming challenge and approach these with the same respect for disciplined creativity that infuses everything we do.

Brand Architecture

By creating a logical, economical portfolio structure, brand architecture focuses resources on those brands that best support long-term business goals, driving financial performance and efficiency. HARC has the deep experience and creative resources to turn optimal brand portfolios into market reality.

There are no set formulas for successful brand architecture, so we evaluate all options and develop the balance each client situation demands. Our structures take into account both present and future scenarios, making the most of current business conditions while preparing for growth, innovation and changes in market dynamics. In this sense, brand architecture is about vision – ensuring we build the right portfolio to get our clients where they want to go.