Webinar: Building Strong Client Relationships

Building Strong, Sustainable Client Relationships: What Clients Want… and How To Deliver and Measure It

Most agency client managers like to think they’re great at keeping their clients happy. Yet client turnover frequency in the marketing industry is at an all-time high— so where’s the disconnect? More often than not, the failure lies at the agency’s doorstep, where client managers don’t really invest the time and discipline necessary to fully understand what their clients want and expect of them, and how well (or not) they and their teams are delivering, day in and day out!

On November 15, Phil Asche and Hayes Roth were asked to share insights gleaned from decades of leadership experience at world-class advertising and branding firms, plus data-driven analysis based on their work in professional client/agency relationship consulting.

Highlights of the Webinar:

– Learn the most frequently cited characteristics of outstanding client service—from the client’s perspective

– What are tell-tale signs your client may be heading for the door?

– Hear why typical client/agency reviews miss the not-so-obvious signs of dissatisfaction

– What are best practices for building and maintaining strong client relationships

– Learn tactics for ensuring your teams maintain proper disciplines for account retention and growth

– Hear how the quality of client / agency relationships can be properly measured and evaluated strategically

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