Corporate and Social Responsibility

It is the age of social transparency, and corporate behaviors can now instantly make or break a brand. There is simply no tolerance for C-suite platitudes about corporate responsibility if the rest of the company isn’t delivering its promises every day. Doing the “right thing” as a business not only improves the lives of others, it gives companies energizing purpose, helping them build strong cultures that attract the best talent and most loyal customers. As leading corporations are learning every day, this isn’t a “nice to have”… it’s a “must do.” But this challenge begs many questions:

  • What is your organization’s purpose and which of your CSR initiatives are in synch with that?
  • What programs should be initiated to address your corporate vision and purpose?
  • What challenges lie in your business model that would prevent your company from becoming more socially conscious?
  • What partners, donors and resources do you have available to help put substance behind your goals?
  • How does your leadership measure up to your mission?

HARC works closely with clients to help them identify an overarching brand purpose or build upon an existing one to create actionable strategies for delivering their corporate values to the world. This is how professional values truly add value– to the organization, its employees and its customers.