Client-Agency Relationship Management and Consulting

In our highly competitive world, it’s no secret that clients are demanding ever more performance from their agencies despite often dwindling budgets. Moreover, the volatility of client/agency relationships has only increased and true loyalty must be earned every day. How do you really know where your agency stands with your clients?  And how do smart clients truly know if they’re getting the best out of their agencies?

There should be no mystery about any of these questions. Working with our partners at Relationship Audits and Management® or “RAM” (, we offer a highly rigorous approach to fair qualitative and quantitative assessment of critical client/agency relationships, eg:

  • What is the best way to measure the health of a strategic partner relationship, and pivot on those insights?
  • What amount of resource and management is required to improve the relationship?
  • Who is responsible for leading the “improvement” efforts and what will their key performance indicators be?
  • What ways can a company optimize its agencies’ potential? What are the core benefits for both sides?

Through a unique set of proprietary tools developed by the RAM team, we provide actionable, real-time intelligence on the opportunities and impediments to successful professional relationships. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you’re scrambling to save a bad situation– know what’s going on now, when you can act productively upon the information.  Ask us for a demonstration.