Brand Strategy, Design and Experience

“Branding” in the 21st Century has exponentially evolved from its glory days of strategic positioning and logo design to now encompass every imaginable facet of branded communications and actions. Strong brands still begin with a well defined, ownable and relevant idea, but how and where they ultimately come to life in a customer’s mind has now far transcended page, screen and physical environment. No point in defining today’s most important applications– they will change tomorrow.

But the fundamentals behind successful branding do not change. So we still believe in some old fashioned ideas like…

  • Rigorous thinking
  • Inspired creativity
  • Disciplined execution
  • Impassioned belief in what we do

Partnering closely with clients and best-of-class thinkers, designers, builders and doers, HARC brings top branding talent to the table, when and where you need them. Our goal is a simple one: to keep overhead low and over-achievement high. And we have the experience… and talented team… to back that up.